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I’ve been writing on Medium for about four months and in that time I have had my work edited by plenty of editors. I had always presumed that editors and publications earn money through views or are compensated by Medium financially in some way. Turns out I was completely wrong. I recently read that they are completely unpaid, they earn nothing, nada, zilch!


It’s not worked for weeks, anyone know what I am doing wrong? Please help!

Hey Mediumers,

I used to get this:


It's not what I had expected at all

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I did it! I’ve had my first viral article on Medium. Let’s be clear ‘viral’ is a relative term, and to me its 7.4k views and $176.64. This is amazing, my next most successful story has just over 1k views. So this one is by far the best performing.


Why wouldn’t you?

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In my time I’ve seen some high paying competitions, but none offering so much for so little. This really is an incredible opportunity and I see no reason not to have a go.

“The César Egido Serrano Foundation was created to propose that the word be the tool of coexistence between cultures and religions and against all violence.”

The late president of the museum said,

“The power of words is the only thing that can lead us to…


The doomsayers couldn’t be more wrong, we are not killing this planet, Earth will be fine.

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I’m writing this whilst looking out from my balcony. I cast my eyes upon the flowing river below and lush green orange groves stretching across the hillside. Birds are singing songs of splendour and flowers are blooming in the summer sun. Everything I can see tells me this planet is thriving. Meanwhile, others speak of a hot hell. A furnace which is spreading across the globe. They claim that our expansion and use of fossil fuels will lead to the destruction of this world. I beg to differ; I say no. This planet will be just fine. She will continue…


Are you a top writer too? Do this and find out now!

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If you have been writing on Medium for a while then it’s likely that you are familiar with the term top writer. If you’re not, basically it is an indication that you have written popular stories on a certain topic. It’s a badge of honour for any aspiring Medium writer. It lets you know that you’re doing well, and the algorithm isn’t fighting against you!


Screw your MACD or RSI, my mamas got a 100% accuracy rate for calling tops and bottoms. Seriously, she's insanely accurate.

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I know it sounds entirely ludicrous that I am proclaiming my mum is a financial indicator, but her accuracy is too good to ignore. She has given me three PERFECT buy and sell signals since 2017. She just chucked me another one yesterday, and it’s already looking like another winner.

How do maternal Bitcoin signals work?

My mother messages me or rings me to tell me what an awful investment Bitcoin is or how amazing it is. When she says she’s really worried about my Bitcoin purchases and proposes I sell it all, these are the buy signals. When she tells me she wants to buy…


The overlooked part of giving up. This is how I did it without any nicotine replacement, stress or weight gain.

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I've smoked for over a decade, I started super young, too young, when I was still in school. The cliché image of naughty teens behind the bike sheds having a sneaky smoke was my reality. After my first puff, I was entirely hooked. I loved it, I couldn’t get enough of it and, similar to most ignorant teenagers, I had no concern for the damage that it was inflicting on my body. I blindly carried on smoking for another 5 years until I even considered the harm.

My quitting journey began with many failures

When I first tried to quit, I went to my doctor and asked…


So what the hell are we going to do about it?

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The moment Bukayo Saka missed the final penalty a sense of doom came over me, not because we lost (well maybe a little bit), but because black players lost their penalties (Saka, Sancho and Rashford). I knew racist abuse was coming their way. Regrettably, I was correct.


Don’t be like me, get your Covid test before advanced labour.

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Finding out your pregnant during a pandemic is a daunting thing, you’ve got all the usual anxieties of pregnancy, plus a whole load more for good measure. I knew my pregnancy and labour would differ from my previous pregnancies. There would no prenatal classes, nor any baby shower. The labour would be lonely. I would have no birthing partner to help me through. It would be just me and hazmat wearing midwife. I was less than enthusiastic about it.

Covid testing

My obstetrician told me early on that they would require me to have a Covid-19 test before I got to the…

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